Dreams: NK Student Trip 2020

North Korean refugee students have a dream of visiting America.

Along with NK Missions, you can make that dream come true.

Please follow the link below to make that dream come true.

This is an opportunity for the students to experience America firsthand. The North Korean children are taught from an early age to hate America. For the first time, the students get to experience real America - visiting homes, schools, churches, companies, and historic sites.  The students learn valuable lessons about America and its culture, preparing them as future leaders and global citizens.


JAN 2020


Historic Sites  - U.S. Capitol - North Korean Human Rights Organization - Voice of America - Elderly Care Facility - High Schools - Universities - Supporting Churches - North Korean Freedom Coalition


Financial District - Broadway/ Times Square - Central Park - CBS, Broadcasting Company - Universities - Supporting Churches

It costs $3,000 to sponsor one student for the trip. 

Transportation $1,700 - Accommodation $800 - Basic Needs $400 - Gifts & Misc $100.

The next trip is scheduled to be in Jan 2020 with 4 students and 1 staff teacher.