Full-time Teaching

We serve as full-time English teachers at NK defector schools in South Korea

Conversational English is at the core of the work of NK Missions. Although the students receive English lessons from their Korean teachers, most of this is focused on grammar. Through conversing and interacting with NK Missions teachers, the students have an opportunity to develop their conversational English skills.

Although we welcome all native English speakers to join us, we particularly encourage American teachers for NK Missions. This is because North Korean children are taught at an early age to hate America and Americans. Through the love and care of NK Missions, the staff can have a lasting impact on the students’ development as global citizens.

One-on-one tutoring is an important way through which NK Missions empowers students. Through a tailored curriculum and a dedicated time of individualized attention, the students stay more focused and motivated. The one-one-one tutoring may cover conversational English, reading comprehension, or preparing for English proficiency standardized tests (ex. TOEFL).

Every aspect of NK Missions and the work of the staff incorporates Christian principles. We view each school as a mission field, with the ultimate goal of building disciples for Christ. Through serving the students with these principles, we hope to encourage each student to help grow in their walk with Christ.