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DEFECTORs in south korea

There are over 30,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea. On the surface, they are now fully legalized South Korean citizens. However, many find it difficult to find complete economic and social stability.

living as a defector student

Of the over 30,000 North Korean defectors, 1 in 10 are students in grades between 1 and 12. Roughly 80% of the students attend standard South Korean public schools while the rest choose to attend alternative schools, established specifically to serve and educate North Korean defectors. 


Many students find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. Among the numerous reasons, the most obvious are the psychological and emotional challenges of adapting to a foreign environment and the economic and social challenges in a new setting. As a result, the average North Korean defector student is 4 times more likely to drop out of high school than an average South Korean one, according to the Ministry of Education.


NK Missions staff have worked with some incredibly bright, hopeful, and hard working individuals, many of whom have gone on to universities and are adjusting well. Most of these students had never come in direct contact with an American previously. Through this ministry, we can have a profound and lasting impact on these students.