Partner Schools

NK Missions started with Lou & Lisa coming to Jangdaehyun School in Busan. Since then, the ministry has grown to other schools in South Korea, and we continue to seek strong partner schools who share our vision.



Jangdaehyun school, busan

Founded in 2014, Jangdaehyun School was the first North Korean defector school in Busan. It currently serves over 50 students from North Korea, South Korea, and China. 


Busan, Gangseo-gu, Sinho-dong 246-6

Tel: +82.51.974.0320


yeomyung school, seoul

Founded in 2004, Yeomyung School is one of the oldest and largest defector school in South Korea, with over 100 students, in high school and in middle school.


Seoul, Jung-gu, 49-25 Namsandong 2-ga

Tel: +82.2.888.1673